Friday, August 5, 2011

Carrie and Lexi’s Hot Sex Stories Are Here!

Hey, got some exiting news! My sexy friend Lexi and I are adding hot new sex stories for your pleasure. Go ahead, read and see what two hot ladies with wild sex crazed imaginations can come up with. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Today, we bring you Part 1 of three hot lesbian sex stories. Oh yeah… I almost forgot to mention that hot new stories will be added regularly so don’t forget to come back and visit us again soon.

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Applying for an Internship has certain benefits - Part 1.

Now it is no secret that an attractive woman, sultry, big breasted and oozing sex appeal can, more often than not, charm her way through damn near any interview process. Of course we all assume that the interviewer in that case would be a man, well as this busty minx found out, that isn’t always the case. Welcome to the 21st century of Sex my friends.

She had her outfit planned out to a T, short plaid school girl skirt, low cut tight white top and really high heels (or as some like to call them; fuck me pumps). She was going to nail her internship interview no matter the cost, even if it meant getting nailed by the guy who would be interviewing her. Everything was moving along flawlessly, she walked into the high-rise and heads were turning left and right as she glided by horny guy after horny guy with their mouths agape leering at her huge breasts that she purposely helped bounce along. But as they say “even the best laid plans…”

She was led into a small office and told to wait; her interviewer would be out momentarily. And sure enough moments later the interviewer came out and for a moment it seemed as though her plan was thwarted. She was not anticipating a gorgeous blonde bombshell, but that’s what she got and slowly her thoughts of seducing her would be employer with sex began to fade… until that is, she caught her stunning female interviewer looking at her legs, looking lecherously, looking wantonly. Not one to let the opportunity pass her by she quickly flashed a devious smile and playfully bit her lower lip as she had seen time and time again in the many XXX sex movies she’d grown to love watching over the years. And once again the game was afoot once more…

Tune in later my lusty friends and I’ll tell you how the rest of the interview went in great detail, until then, let your imaginations have some fun.


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