Monday, August 8, 2011

Carrie and Lexi’s Hot Sex Stories - Applying For An Internship (Part 2)

Ah, Part 2 of this hot 3 Part sex story... Enjoy!

Applying for an internship has certain benefits - Part 2.

“You really want this internship don’t you?” she nodded affirmatively as her interviewer slowly slid around the back of her desk, until she stood, directly in front of her potential employee. The blonde bombshell didn’t mince words, removing her shirt as she looked down at her she said “well then sugar, let’s see what sort of assets you have to offer” as her hands passed over, up and under, until she was cupping a set of beautiful Big Tits.

Moving in closer, to her potential employee, the blonde decadent vixen pressed her full breasts up against her seated candidate’s, nipple to nipple and leaned in to run her longue travelled tongue alone the lips of her buxom new toy. “I get a lot of Real Amateur Girls who come here and think they got what it takes. What makes you different from them?” Convinced not to let this opportunity pas her by and desperately wanting the job, she heaved her chest, licked her lips, tasting her future employer’s lip balm and then leaned back, arched her spine pushing her breasts outward, nipples erect and hiked up her plaid little schoolgirl’s skirt, exposing her pantie less, shaven wet pussy. As she slid her hand down, along her stomach, onto her inner thigh and finally resting it on her pussy, she tapped her clit and said “I always go the extra mile” and smiled wickedly as she slid a finger inside her, removed it and presented it to her future employer to lick. And she licked it, sucking it with verve and zeal all the while eyeing the exposed pussy the whole time.

What happened next was? Well now, one last time I am afraid I have to leave you somewhat wanting. Although I promise you will all get the conclusion to this decadent little XXX porn story in the third and final installment of “Applying for an internship has benefits”, See you soon.

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