Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Ok... Before I bore you all with information about Ukrainian Marriage Agency Scams and a lunatic Internet Stalker, Alex from the UK here is a recent pro photo of me. Yep, like always please stop by my personal website, and check for updates.

Umm... Here is more on the Internet stalker, Alex from London UK. Yesterday, I discussed a Ukrainian Marriage Agency Scam, Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) located in Kharkov, Ukraine. To date many Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency complaints have been filed. Also, the URL is Ukrainianfiancee(dot)com and click the image below to enlage.

With respect to the Internet stalker, Alex from London UK, the new information is quoted below by someone who had dealings with Alex in the past...

"Alex is Jon_K and Kremnef and another very abusive trolling sock puppet Ronald-Hard who attacked us on XNXX immediately following the ban of Kremnef. I believe Alex to be Alex Kink who was impersonating a 29 year old Brit female on where I busted his marketing scam resulting in an all out forum war.

Kink started off by spamming 100's of user profiles with pop-up ads that they could not get rid of. Kink was spamming a blonde French camgirl to get users to purchase cam sessions. Ever since, Kink has been seeking revenge against me."

Background on Alex from yesterday... There is a guy named Alex from the UK who uses multiple aliases and has been known to stalk models and other ladies on the internet. At one Ukrainian marriage agency Alex attempted to stalk a girl for the purpose of harming her and the alias he used was Kremnef, I believe.

Alex recently sought out a model at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) for the purpose of wanting to harm her. Alex is also on a vendetta against mail order bride (MOB) agencies, which UFMA is. This person should be considered dangerous and unstable based on behaviors he has exhibited online.

This person has many aliases and a few that Alex used that are known recently include; Jon_k on ruadventures, fungus on XNXX, Kremnef on XNXX, Ronald-Hard on XNXX, WhosEggRover on XNXX and Alex Kink on Utherverse. It is NOTHING new for Alex to attack and complain about MOB Marriage Agencies as he has attacked and complained about MANY agencies via internet aliases that he has. Also, it is NOTHING new for Alex to stalk women online and in some cases for the purpose of wanting to harm them.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

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