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Hello to all interested peoples… I am Julia Egorova aka Carrie Joslin from Ukraine. Though I swore not to speak about the William Pike aka Bill Pike, Jennifer Pike aka Jen Pike, Alex aka Lex on Blogspot aka Kremnef on forum XNXX aka Ronald-Hard on forum XNXX aka WhosEggRover on XNXX aka Jon_K on Ruadventures I must in my opinion for my friend Bill Pike’s sake.

Ok... The person Alex/Lex/WhosEggRover is not a good person. Three years ago he threatened to kill me, made the threat on my life (death threat). Recently, he has made threats to Jennifer Pike. Furthermore, Alex/Lex/WhosEggRover has threatened Bill Pike and stalked many women on the Internet.

In 2006, Bill Pike got involved in the adult industry. He started NCIT and AWP and part of those businesses did adult marketing, affiliate sales, web design. He worked as a marketing consultant and created some adult websites, including my own, Carrie-J, which I control. In Ukraine, it is not legal to host adult websites so Bill does the hosting for me in the Unites States.

Jennifer Pike was the person who handled all of the financial matters for the business Bill created and for the family. Jennifer Pike was a good manager and worked with Bill in creating the adult business. She was always involved and even controlled some aspects of the adult business.

In 2002 through 2006 I modeled to help pay for my college education. Bill Pike bought sets of my photos and used them to create his first adult website. I signed releases, which Bill was given copies of along with government issued documents showing that I was over the age of 18 when the shoots were done.

As Bill’s children got older he decided that he wanted to get out of the adult industry marketing and he began to search for me regarding the adult business to see if I wanted it. In 2011, Bill and I began to communicate via a potential client for Bill. The potential client was Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) and in time we learned of a person who got hurt by UFMA and we worked together to get proof of that person’s allegations against UFMA.

Bill was married and we pretended to be using the agency to become a couple. Truth is, Bill was married and I was engaged and we were and still are just friends though Jennifer Pike believed we had an affair. I’m sorry to say that Jennifer has decided to seek revenge based on this false belief.

In America, the court system favors women. Jennifer Pike has managed to eliminate Bill Pike’s parental rights based on lies and false accusations. Bill Pike is their daughter’s adoptive father. It seems too that Jennifer has used her daughter previously to eliminate the rights of their daughter’s biological father. In my opinion, Jennifer’s divorce from their daughter’s biological father and her divorce from their daughter’s adoptive father and related details show a pattern and should raise flags.

My complaint is that the court in New Jersey that eliminated Jennifer’s daughter’s biological rights and the court in New Hampshire that eliminated Jennifer’s daughter’s adoptive father’s rights have favored Jennifer and eliminated the rights of two fathers without just cause. Yeah… Who will be the third victim of this mother and daughter con artist pair?

Honestly, it’s crazy… Bill told to me that he showed all kinds of proof of Jennifer’s knowledge and involvement in the adult part of the business, inappropriate behavior, photos taken with Jennifer’s camera, …, etc. My God they even took the word of a known stalker who threatened to kill me and used it. Very very very sad. L
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