Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hmm... In America judges in the family court hate men. My friend is in the divorce process, the wife simply makes up lies with the adopted daughter and the man (my friend) loses parenting rights. Yep, he even proved that the wife was abusive and involved in certain things, judge still eliminated his rights.

You know, the wife did it to another man before my friend... You would think that since it is the second time this wife and daughter con artist pair has eliminated the father's rights and made out financially that it might raise many flags, but it did not. Now, thank you to the blind, bigoted judicial system in America the mother and daughter pair of con artists are free to seek their third victim.

Oh, the irony is in Ukraine the man has all control, even after divorce... Perhaps relocating to America is what I should do since it's so easy to get whatever you want from judges there if you are the woman.

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