Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carrie and Lexi’s Hot Sex Stories - Applying For An Internship (Part 3)

Here you go... Part 3!

Applying for an internship has certain benefits - Part 3.

When your potential employer eyes your pussy and licks her lips, you know that you are going to be propped up on her desk before too long, and you know that you are going to be used like the perfect little toys seen in the hardcore Sex Movies, but when your boss pulls out an actual toy, well then all bets are off, because you know that you are going to get your little pussy fucked raw.

Legs spread, propped up on her future bosses desk, she had one thought course through her head, over and over again God I hope these walls are soundproof, because when she saw that vibrator, she knew she was going to cum hard and loud. What began as playful flirtations turn into a full on lesbian fuck fest. But she was loving every minute of it, every second of every minute that her future boss’s tongue ran up along her thighs, onto her clit, that she bit, gingerly and then into her hot wet pussy. She loved every decadent moment of it. And when her knees buckled and her lips quivered during that first orgasm, she screamed out like a banshee and her future boss eyed her deviously. The look a fetishist gets just before he is about to enter into some hardcore Bondage.

Well it wasn’t bondage, but it was a huge vibrator. Now she had seen big cocks before, and her own toys were plenty big, but her future boss’s toy almost scared her. But her initial fear soon gave way to a horny desire to have it thrust mercilessly into her pussy. And it was thrust, hard, and fast and over and over again. She came once more, leaving a glorious puddle on the desk and came again as she trashed her head to and fro. With her legs quivering from the multiple orgasms her future boss slowly pulled the vibrator she had used to impale her pussy with and guide it up to her mouth, sucking it with such joy and eagerness, tasting every glorious drop.

Needless to say she got the internship in the end. And needless to say that this internship certainly has its benefits!

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